Quick Answer: Can Ex Smokers Donate Eggs?

Can someone with PCOS donate eggs?

Women with PCOS usually aren’t eligible to donate their eggs.

However, there are some exceptions.

PCOS patients can donate eggs to their sisters and other relatives.

If the intended mother wishes to maintain a genetic link to the future child, they usually choose a close relative for egg donation..

Can you donate your eggs if you are overweight?

ASRM recommends that egg donors have a Body Mass Index (or BMI) of 30 or less (weight to height proportionate). Being within a healthy weight range will decrease the risk of medical complications during the egg donation process and correlates to the quality and quantity of eggs retrieved.

Can you donate eggs if you used to smoke?

If you currently smoke or have in the past, you may be wondering if it disqualifies you. While the short answer is yes – smoking and nicotine use are prohibited in egg donation – we’ll explore the reasons why it impacts your egg quality and overall eligibility.

What disqualifies from donating eggs?

An egg donor must be in good physical health and have a healthy BMI. Tobacco and drug use are also common disqualifiers. Even a history of substance abuse, even if it is in the past, could disqualify you from becoming a donor.